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How many times people say to me that I am wrong! Yet, I am convinced that Haiti has a problem of famine. However, hunger or other human miseries in my « Ay’ti Cheri – Haiti Chérie » are symptoms of a deeper problem. We may build orphanages all over, give food for the poor, build roads and cities (those are necessary), if we don’t cure the virus with a great dose of education, we are condemned to an eternal recurrence. It is important that people know how to write and read which are first steps in education. Nevertheless, true education is more than the ability of reading and writing. And that education must start at the tender age – call for “a grassroot movement” for education.

INHO stands for « Investir dans l’homme » – Invest in human: a non-lucrative Catholic-Christian association, founded by Rv. Fr. Robert Pierre Louis. We don’t donate food or money to people -Why? I realize that waiting for money or food from other people make us dependent and make us wallow in human misery and waiting for manna to fall. Our mission is to work with youth and young adults in Haiti in view of preparing the next generation. Every year we organize youth and young adults camp for girls and boys from 12 to 18 and 18 to 30. What would you find in a summer camp organized by INHO? 1) Civics formation: to have better knowledge of one country in order to love it more – to become patriots who love their homeland and, who desire to build peace and harmony in the world. 2) Moral formation: the value of family life and the value of my community, the value of each individual, respect for human life – show respect for others, show respect for common good – know the right of every person – learn to listen to others even when we disagree. 3) Love and respect nature: visit to forests, rivers, mountains, beaches – campaign of reforestation, love an cherish animals. 4) Sports, Music, Dance, healthy movies – love to read and to write. 5) Play with others: good games, singing, develop public speaking skill, acting. 6) three meals a day: eat good and healthy food – eat local food. 6) God at the center of everything – we can’t build a society without Him. It is only through the gaze of the Creator that every human person can grasp a true understanding of who he really is.

We are not the savior of the world nor do we have a magic wand to change things. We only believe that “if good people sit down and do nothing, misery and poverty of every kind will take over’’ (Edmund Burke). It is very important to believe that we should make our country a better place than we found it. We do that as Christian and as priest – which means, it is not merely a humanitarian duty – rather, it is a journey to meet Christ our redeemer in those kids and young Adults – to give them a reason to hope and reason to believe. I can’t do it alone – I need your support: prayer, promote our mission, moral and financial support. In order to know more about us, send us an email in: dominique@investirdanslhomme.org

You can also visit our blog – and you always welcome to visit our camp.

Fr. Robert Pierre Louis

St. Patrick’s Basilica

Montreal West, QC – Canada