Indeed, we should give ‘‘food for the poor’’, we should build roads, we must build habitats for people – we need all of these. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that what Haiti really needs is: “Culture – Cultivation”. I mean CULTURE in the large sense of the theme.
1. We need to cultivate the mind of the youth in the country – I mean cultivate not create formatted brains. It is time to stop throwing fish at us – those fish are poison that prevent us to be truly independent – the concept of “1804, Haiti the first black free nation in the world” will remain a big jock if we don’t realize that education is the key. After our independence, the European countries particularly France, plus USA want to bring us back to slavery. They couldn’t, therefore from that moment they isolated us to not become an example for other nations – their goal was to asphyxiate us – to stop singing the song of freedom for all. If we don’t educate our youth, an education that fits our nation and our time, we will prove them right.
2. We need to show the youth how vital it is to develop a good relationship with the earth, our mother. That should start with the piece of land: town, village, city, countryside – that I was born – love it, respect, cherish it and cultivate it: for beauty and nutrition. For now, Haiti as nation produces nothing. Even a surviving agriculture is quasi non-existent. We buy everything: from lemon, onions, chickens to clothing. We need to start cultivating the land, then we will stop complaining about famine, because we can produce. We will stop protesting about inflation.

Father Dominique
Montreal, Canada