About Us

INHO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serve youth and young adults in Haiti. Our mission consists in human development: Education, agriculture, etc. It is time to build a future for our country. We are certain on the fact that a country is on its way for progress when the biggest investment is made in view of human development – education, agriculture, sport, etc. There is a Haitian saying that goes: “Ti patat fè chay.” That saying illustrates the fact that there are many organizations in Haiti that have that same goal and even more. Nevertheless, the need is so great – it might be seen like nothing is done. INHO wants to abolish the mentality of waiting for help no matter where they come from – the best education we want to give to the youth and young adults is : how to become self-sufficient – to love their country, protect the environment, give back to the community – make them realize that Haiti in itself is an independent nation – help them to develop the conciseness of belonging to a nation that is greater than oneself – to build a nation where the citizens want to stay home – a nation that respects the other nations – a nation that works for harmony and peace. This is the kind of education our association wants to promote. We can't do it alone. Please help us to make that dream a reality. We invite you to read more about us in the you will find in the menu or on our blog: